German Service Center offers almost all services for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Please inquire about specific pricing by calling us at (301) 386-2552 (keep in mind most estimates can only to be given in person after thoroughly checking over your vehicle). Since we ONLY use Mercedes Benz genuine (OEM) parts, your factory warranty will NOT be affected by our servicing, contrary to what you may have been told.


German Service Center will no longer service vehicles 1995 and older.


Complete maintenance services (including oil
   change, lettered services, transmission service,
   differential service, and tune-up)

Engine service and repairs

Electrical services

Brakes & Rotors

Air Conditioning & Heating

Suspension work

Windshield replacement

Headlamp restoration

Extended warranty repairs

...and much more! (please inquire)


German Service Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technological equipment, including the Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis system (SDS) direct from Germany which accurately diagnoses and precisely pinpoints issues with your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.


German Service Center has a wide array of unique Mercedes Benz accessories for your automobile, including wheels, exhaust tips, grilles, headlights and tail lights, chrome accents, tag frames, and much more! Stop by for pricing and recommendations.

Auto Body & Paint

German Service Center also has a separate body shop with skilled auto body technicians and painters. Only the best equipment, paint booth, and paint (Glasurit) are used to treat

and transform your vehicle.


Be sure to inquire about having a Bluetooth device installed in your Mercedes-Benz! Many states, including Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia now have hands-free laws when driving.The Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth Integration system will work seamlessly with your Mercedes-Benz for safe, comfortable, hands-free driving.

Filters Overview

All Mercedes-Benz vehicles are carefully designed and engineered down to the last detail. The filters specified by Mercedes-Benz are the only ones designed to work exactly as the engineers intended on a Mercedes-Benz car or SUV.


Air Filters

All filters work hard, but the air filter has the toughest job based on volume, or amount of work it does. To burn just one gallon of gasoline requires about 10,000 gallons of air! All 10,000 gallons of that air must be cleaned before entering the engine.


A Mercedes-Benz air filter effectively removes the dust, environmental pollutants, tire particles, and particulate matter that are found wherever vehicles are used. Genuine Mercedes-Benz air filters offer significant advantage compared to other filters:


  • Filtering down to the 10 to 20 micron range. Capturing the smallest particles is critical because recent testing has shown that it is the smallest particles, not the larger ones, that cause the fastest engine wear if they are not captured by the filter.


  • Maximum capacity. The element used in a Mercedes-Benz air filter has high strength to hold a large amount of contamination. The element is specifically treated to resist breakdown.


  • Optimum fold geometry. The complex bends allow a large amount of filter element to be contained in a small space. Increased filter element area boosts capacity and allows extended service intervals.


  • Absolute impermeability. Special bonded joints, metal clamping strips between the dirty side and the clean side, optimized seals, profiled joints, and precise foam-molded end plates prevent leaks that allow incoming air to bypass the filter and go straight into the engine.


  • Sturdy supportive covers. These perforated stainless steel sheets prevent uncontrolled deformation and temporary leaks.


  • Dimensional accuracy. You can count on only a Mercedes-Benz air filter to be properly sized for each application to ensure an optimal fit inside the air box.



Oil Filters

The job of the engine oil is to lubricate, seal, cool, and clean the interior of the engine. The job of the oil filter is to trap the contaminants picked up by the oil as it passes through the engine.


Mercedes-Benz oil filters should be changed at the recommended intervals to ensure maximum engine performance and service life. Filters remove contaminants from the oil, allowing extended maintenance intervals and ensuring long engine life. Filters that are left on too long become overloaded with contaminants. When an oil filter is overloaded, contaminants, instead of being trapped by the filter, circulate throughout the engine, causing premature wear and damage.


Any driver who spends most of his or her time in around town or short-trip use will be in the “severe” category and more frequent changes are recommended. Highway miles wear a little less on an engine.


Mercedes-Benz is an industry leader in engine technology, not only in design, but also in the use of new alloys that reduce weight without compromising strength. These sophisticated engines require the protection that only premium oil and filters can provide. By using Genuine Mercedes-Benz oil filters, you are assured of:


  • Optimum filtration. Genuine Mercedes-Benz oil filters can trap particles smaller than 0.005 mm. (0.0002 in.).


  • High capacity. Genuine Mercedes-Benz filters are designed so the whole available volume of the casing is used to provide a maximum filtering surface and to make longer maintenance intervals possible.


  • Correct Size. Only a Genuine Mercedes-Benz oil filter is designed to fit exactly for optimum impermeability and effective lubrication.



Fuel Filters

Fuel filters are unique because, unlike air and oil filters, a fuel filter, in theory, should never get dirty. If all service stations sold only clean, uncontaminated gasoline and if fuel system corrosion was never a problem, there would be nothing for a fuel filter to trap! The real world, unfortunately, is much different from the ideal. Gasoline or diesel can be contaminated and fuel systems can become corroded. The fuel filter must trap any particles that could clog or damage the tight tolerances of the fuel injection system.


In addition to protecting the injection system from contamination, the fuel filter’s large size serves as a reservoir to dampen fuel pump pulsations with roller cell or gerotor designs (turbine-type pumps don’t produce pulsation). Fuel flow is much smoother coming out of the filter than it is going in.


The worst thing about a clogged fuel filter is that it causes the fuel pump to work harder, dramatically shortening its life. If you were to put an ammeter in the fuel pump circuit, you might see up to twice the normal current draw. Eventually, this will cause the brushes and commutator to burn up and wear out.


On top of that, a fuel filter that has been left in service too long can cause a deterioration in performance, including gradual loss of power, stalling, and slow acceleration. A badly clogged filter will shut down an engine because not enough fuel will pass through the injectors.


If the old filter is loaded with dirt or other contaminants, remember that all the contaminants in the filter was first in the tank, and then passed through the fuel pump, before it got to the filter. The discovery of a clogged fuel filter should prompt a more complete inspection and pressure testing of the complete fuel system, including the injectors. It may be wise to remove and clean the fuel tank.


Mercedes-Benz relies on precise metering of fuel for optimal performance and mileage, while also minimizing emissions. Use of a Mercedes-Benz fuel filter is a key part of fuel system maintenance because of:


  • Excellent impermeability. Mercedes-Benz filters feature special bonded joints for optimum separation between the clean and dirty side of the filter.


  • High quality materials. Genuine Mercedes-Benz fuel filters are resistant to aggressive fuel additives and corrosion.


  • High capacity. The quality and workmanship of the filtration media guarantee high fuel purity, long life, low flow resistance, and very good temperature resistance.


  • Perfect interaction of all components. Only Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement filters are designed to work as an integral part of the total fuel system.



Cabin Filters

Genuine Mercedes-Benz passenger compartment cabin filters trap many pollutant particles in the air including smoke, dust, bacteria, mold, spores, pollens, and some exhaust gas emissions before they enter the passenger area. The cleaner air is not only safer for everyone sitting in a Mercedes-Benz, it also improves the operating of the climate control system and keeps the interior cleaner.




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